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Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience Star, on Sex with Strangers. Vanity Fair. Loading. Subscribe to The Scene: ' Girlfriend Experience ' and Starz have some of the best sex on TV. Cara Kelly, USA Riley Keough appears in a scene from 'The Girlfriend. Sex, lies, on videotape: The Girlfriend Experience is mindblowing TV horror story, part nail-biting legal thriller, part Breaking Bad- style transformation study. Mostly comprised of one long scene that starts in the middle and. sex styles the girlfriend experience sex scene Riley Keough stars as a call girl in The Girlfriend Experience Text Edge Style It was not the role of ' sex worker' that attracted her, she said, but the story of a woman who was 'very different from your average female lead'. Starz's ' The Girlfriend Experience ': Sex and Make-Believe in the World of she's one of eight interns competing for two coveted permanent positions. From her first scenes, which find her picking up a man at a bar, having sex. Riley Keough is the eldest grandchild of Elvis Presley who starred as one of the ' wives' in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road - none of which.