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The wedge adds a fun spin on the sex positions that I've used for so many note, this also makes a really fantastic pillow for sitting up in bed. Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear Wedge /Ramp Combo, Red Utimi Sex Pillow Ramp Pillow Inflatable Portable for Couples Sex Positions with Inflator Pump. 15 Sex Pillows That Will Take Your Pleasure To The Next Level The Liberator Wedge provides some basic lift that will aid in . cleanup, allowing you to use your regular old bedroom pillow for propping, lifting, and beyond. sex positions wedge pillow sex on bed

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It looks like it would be comfy to prop up against the wall as a backrest for reading. Lastly, we found a way to manage a last oral sex position for the first time. Feel free to contribute! Not only that, but sex — specifically sex in missionary position — feels better.

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The Best Sex Pillows - Reviews The following are some of the best wedge sex pillows on the market. Liberator Arche Wedge Sex Positioning Sensual Pillow. And, the fact it can be a back pillow while reading is great! Rating the Liberator Wedge. Sex Pillow Triangle Soft Inflatable Portable for Couples Toughage. It really did help us to achieve new angles during penetration and even experience positions we otherwise struggled to get. What initially struck me about the Liberator Wedge, is just how firm the foam core is.